1. I hope Microsoft launches this feature in Windows 8 so that my PC can be completely mine . This will ensure that no one can use my PC in my absence.

  2. Sounds awesome!

    “Tougher questions are: What happens if you gain or lose weight and dont look like your baseline photograph anymore…”

    to answer that question, my guess would be that you would have to update your picture every 70 days or so, or windows would automatically store some data about your face every few logins or so. Im sure that this is an aspect their considering whilst they are developing this.

    A more pressing issue is, what will you do if you have a face lift and forget to switch of password protection :D.

  3. Ok, I just want to point something out; this is not new.  They had facial recognition login on laptops with vista, so to say that this is “new and amazing technology” is a bit of a stretch

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