New images of Apple’s 7 inch iPad leak

New pictures of what is allegedly Apple’s new 7 inch tablet have “leaked”.

Since Steve died it seems like Apple just don’t care about secrecy anymore.

Anyway, the new images only show the back of the device and not what OS might be running on the front.

Speculation is that Apple will be launching this as early as November 2nd and they may be having a launch event this week.

This is going to be interesting because if all this is true, the device will be launched right behind Windows 8, putting even more pressure on Microsoft to be price competitive.

More images here.

Source: Macworld  | Images courtesy of Sonny Dickson’s Twitter


  • Ntiyiso Natala Mbhalati

    The Iphone is getting bigger, while the Ipad is getting smaller, I guess by 2016, I’ll have my Ipad in my pocket & the Iphone on my lap on the train. I’m sure Samsung & MS r shaking in their boots, we really miss the big Guy.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Too funny.

      You’re right, the amount of thrashing at the platform level is pretty nuts.

      • Guest

        Help me understand her, why the need for a smaller Ipad, our OS is still the same Static Icons, I’m pretty sure the apps will be the same. I’m really anvious of W8, but will wait n see b4 I decide move, but I’ll def get the surface anyway looks good, I hear they only making 3 million, probably be sold out in weeks.