New Internet Explorer Ad Is Great, For Sentimental Reasons

Unlike some other companies (not just in technology) that create winning ads one after another, Microsoft have a tendency of rolling out some humdrum commercials, every once in a while.

But when they create a winning clip, they throw it out of the park!

This new ads for Internet Explorer is another triumph, as it brings the touch capabilities of the application into the spotlight. As a welcome bonus, it also shows off just how intuitive a Windows 8 tablet is. And it does with loads of emotional energy.

Give it a watch here:

Dubbed ‘Explore the World Through Touch’, this new ads has Microsoft suggesting that everything surrounding us is based on touch — so using a touch enabled version of Internet Explorer in the Modern UI is just a natural experience.

Obviously, this offers a perfect opportunity to show some adorable kids in the clip. The music is wonderful, the cinematography startling.

And the video definitely achieves what it set out to do, with some style.

Which, actually, can be said for a lot of the ads that Microsoft have rolled out ever since debuting Windows 8 a couple of years back. Some of the best Redmond commercials have come out in this exciting timespan.

What do you guys and gals think? View the ad above, and leave a comment below!

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