New iPhone 5 Concept Photos

A bunch of new iPhone 5 concept photos have leaked online that look absolutely amazing.

I thought I would share those.

Before the nonsense comments begin, let me explain. This is the standard for mobile phones. You cannot have a Windows Phone 8 conversation without taking a look at what the likely competition might be.

This holiday season will be very competitive.

See the Gallery below.

  • Billy Moffat

    Looks like that Galaxy SIII. What’s the big deal when this doesn’t even exist either? Putting iPhone pictures on a windows 8 site isn’t completely irrelevant sure, but fan made mock ups with zero basis in reality?

  • 1stkorean

    Contary to your belief this is NOT the standard for mobile phones.  Sansung and HTC make phones far superior to these iCrap things.  This things is only the standard in your, apple’s and that dead guys eyes (but that dead guys eyes are sewed shut :)).

    • Discodyance

      Oh how i love these statements based on zero fact… 

      • 1stkorean

        when you have used that iCrap by apple and it has weak reception and drops calls, then use a Samsung or a HTC and they work like they are suppose to, I think that allows one to comment on the quality of these products.

        since Korea is the most connected country in the world with the best cell phone system and fastest internet in the world everything should work right…but not that apple trash.