It’s pretty amazing that although we are yet to be treated with the GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8, we are seeing some good stuff from Windows Phone 8.1.

What this confirms is that Microsoft is well into development of this upcoming refresh of its mobile platform — codenamed Windows Phone Blue, and marked for arrival early next year.

But while we already know that the next major version of Redmond’s mobile OS is on track to arrive with a Notifications Center, newly leaked images show that the update will also include actionable notifications along with a few other goodies.

These leaked images, posted on a forum, are allegedly of build 8.10.12166.0.

It is hard to verify the authenticity of these new screens, so take them with a generous helping of salt. But they do show reveal actionable notifications, as well as a feature to sort items in the App list, and a brand new battery display option.

The app list with sortable items should be quite handy for users that want to organize apps based on criteria like name and frequency of usage.

WPCentral explains that users will be able to tap on the double-arrow button in the upper right corner of their screens to get access to these options. They can respond to a message straight from the notifications, dismiss a Skype call and perform a bunch of other such actions.

There are also reports of ghost notifications included in this new platform release — and as you may have guessed these will go straight to the Notifications Center without requiring interaction from users.

Windows Phone 8.1 will also apparently have the ability to show battery remaining in percentage amounts, another useful new addition.

Word is that Microsoft is looking to officially unveil this new version of its mobile operating system in January. The accompanying SDK is expected to be released in February, just in time for the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Quite a lot of new information here — but once again, it is best to file these news bits as rumors until you hear the official details straight from Microsoft.

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  • Ray C

    Looking forward to replacing my phone sometime between now and the start of the year.

  • Mike Greenway

    Good features, but I bet there is a lot more.