Finnish telecommunication giant Nokia is expected to unveil a flamboyant new Lumia smartphone at a special event on July 11, and anticipation on this handset is running exceptionally high.

Word is that Nokia will unveil a Lumia smartphone that packs a 41 megapixel camera on the back.

Over the past month or two, a fair amount of information has surfaced on the handset that carries a codename Nokia EOS. Now a new promotional image of this device has been posted via the Twitter account of @evleaks, which has already leaked a number of devices in the past few months.

This particular image shows the front of the smartphone, and just how important the impressive camera of the smartphone is, is evident by the icon of the “Nokia Pro Cam” app, which is prominently displayed and hints at a custom camera experience.

The device is expected to arrive on the store shelves as either the Lumia 1020 or as the latest rumors suggest, simply as Nokia 909 — the company may decide to drop the Lumia branding, so as not to create confusion amongst buyers.

Since partnering up with Microsoft, Nokia has been developing Windows Phone devices under its Lumia brand, though the company last released a 41 megapixel smartphone powered by Symbian called the Nokia 808 PureView.

More information about the device should surface soon, as we get near to the launch event.

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