New leaked pictures of Windows 8

New ALLEGED screenshots of Windows 8.

Default Pictures folder. Seems like you’re going to be able to add videos to your default photo profile.


The other difference you can see is that the process indicator will show your progress with software and hardware – you can see in the demo it’s connecting the mouse. Hopefully you will be able to update device drivers in the background this way…


Windows Live integration with the Taskbar.

We’ll see how true all this is…for now this is all speculation…

Source: Win7China

  • Swellhead

    Why you write about ALLEGED screenshots and speculation

    • Onuora Amobi

      Because until Microsoft confirm they are real, they are alleged.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Because until Microsoft confirm they are real, they are alleged.

      • Swellhead

        then don’t write until Microsoft confirms it

  • Michael

    i bet we need a higher specs of the pc to use it. since its kinda tricky on the GUI. yes its nice, but..lower specs gets the lower features, thats all about it.
    i just know that user will never stare on the user’s profile picture for such long time, so means its we can put the video as profile picture, we will only watch for about 3-5 seconds and we’ll go and do our things. i doubt that..
    its waste the RAM space to make it run, higher specs to make sure its smooth.
    conclusion its not convenient.
    Or maybe they could make it available for .gif images but not videos? .gif image was a motion images which can moves. and normally its only about 130kb – 300kb. wont take much space or RAM space. =)

    Greetings from Malaysia, [email protected]

    • xinu

      I have to agree with you, I dont really see the point with the video profile pictures.

      I do however like the idea of processes being displayed on the menu bar, seems like a useful feature.

  • marc3l

    A Windows Live intergration would be nice, but I really hope that they don’t put advertisements in those programs, like they are now doing (Hotmail, MSN).

    And if the video previews/tiles aren’t that distracting, I think will like those.

    [email protected]

  • Itskirmani

    Getting more closer to Mac. By the way I like Fedora more than Mac.
    The friendliest interface was of XP.