New leaked Windows Blue 9364 screenshots

New leaked Windows Blue 9364 screenshots hit the net

A Microsoft partner build of Windows Blue which appears to be build 9364 has leaked out unto the internet today.

This is the first public leaked build of Windows since well before the launch of Windows 8.

Read more about it and see the leaked screenshots on

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  • Robert Trance

    Many rumors are circulating about the possible changes, like better resizable tiles (custom sizing), more options in metro UI config panel (that users can ditch in most cases the trad. one), IE 11, etc…..
    Let’s hope. Also we hope to have this as an upgrade for Windows 8 (possibly!), and not a separate release, thus free. Many people just invested the still new Win. 8, thus a free upgrade of it is just logical

    • Simon Tupper

      Probably a 20$ update like Apple does.

      • Robert Trance

        For such mediocre upgrade MS can’t ask a thing, many people just bought on one or other way (since October) the 8 release….

        • Simon Tupper

          Well its a bigger update than mountain lion. What’s your point?

          • Andrew Grush

            Considering the mixed reception that Windows 8 has seen, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was free. Especially since they are trying to compete in the tablet market– where Android and iOS updates are free.

            I could be totally wrong though. 🙂

          • Robert Trance

            And i think people who just upgraded (paid thus) to 8, or bought new device with, simply deserve to get such an upgrade for free. Makes absolute sense

          • Simon Tupper

            MS said it would be free recently

          • Robert Trance

            Yes, i have read that, so they do the right thing!

      • WillyThePooh

        Apple charges $20 for an OSX upgrade is ridiculous. But Apple sheeps seem to be happy accepting it without complain.

    • Jack Shofner

      IE11 pretending to be Firefox!

  • Arnold

    Installing on a virtual machine right now. Shame its 32 bit only, but Lets see.