New Microsoft Ad Shows How The NFL Uses The Surface

A new Microsoft ad has just been released, showcasing the company’s recent $400 partnership with NFL that pushes the Surface slates into every aspect of the game.

A lot of money, sure, but it also provides Microsoft with the exposure it needs.

Long term, it will be money well spent, because everyone that watches football games will be seeing Surface references, the tablets being used on the field, and then some. And this is exactly what this brand new ad is getting at.

The video shows how the Surface is used in the NFL every weekend.

And not just the tablet, the ad also promotes other Microsoft products and services along the way, including Xbox Music and Skype. Even the title of the ad emphasizes this, saying “Microsoft Surface: Trusted by the Pros, Built for the Fans.”

Although well received, the length of this ad (running a full 2 minutes) means that it probably will not be gracing television screens — then again, you never know. The production values are there.

It may well be shown off during a big game.

Even if as a trimmed down version.

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