Microsoft probably has only two gears when it comes to video commercials, the first gear and the fifth. Some of the ads that the company has put up recently have been totally unassuming, though.

But mostly Redmond pulls them off good, and several of its ads are notably great.

File this one under the great column. This new video commercial compares the features of the Asus VivoTab RT slate against the iPad, Apple’s popular tablet. And as you can see below, this ad is all about cold, hard facts. Here take a look:

This time the technology titan shows that that iPad requires a separate adapter for a microSD card slot, while the VivoTab RT comes with it build in. Also emphasized is the fact that the Windows RT tablet can run two Modern apps at once β€” in Snap mode β€” while the iPad only runs one app at a time.

Another win for the Asus slate is the fact that it can link to and work with almost all printers, but the iPad only supports a limited number of printing devices.

What is interesting in this new ad is that Microsoft is putting third-party tablets in spotlight, instead of its own Surface tablets. And while this is a good thing, the technology titan has also put up a special page on its Windows website where it compares the iPad to the Surface RT and other Windows 8 slates.

How would you rate this new ad? Does it hit home all the import points? Or is it a classic case of cherry picking? The comment box below is open for business.

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  1. Emmanuel Mac Donald / May 23, 2013 at 1:31 pm /Reply

    this is exactly what they need to do. People need to know why the RT is better than a ipad. it might not be better than an air (because that is a computer) but its way better than a ipad. I have one and it bothers me so often. Need an RT.

  2. RT store has few apps πŸ™

    • WillyThePooh / May 24, 2013 at 6:18 pm /Reply

      My Win8 laptop has a lot more apps installed than my iPad and it still has less than 100 apps. The store has 75,000 apps available. How many apps do you need?

  3. more people need to “see” what the surface and its cousins are capable of.

    Every person that gets to see my Surface “in the flesh” is impressed, most admit they want one.

    I have two πŸ™‚

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