New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Gives His First Interview

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Gives His First Interview

And it is quite a read. It has been a couple of weeks since the new Redmond leader took charge, and now Satya Nadella has given his first interview, to outside media, that is.

There have been a handful of in-house interviews prior to this.

The New York Times got a chance for a brief chat with Nadella — emphasis on brief chat, please. The interview is light on strategy talk and how the new CEO wants to run the company, but we’ll take what comes our way for now.

Nadella says that he wants Microsoft to be a 100-year old company, and points to the fact that there are very few such companies around:

“There are very few examples of even 100-year old companies. For us to be a 100-year old company where people find deep meaning at work, that’s the quest.”

A noble quest, indeed.

When asked how he wants to lead Microsoft into a new era, the new CEO reiterated the answer he gave earlier this month, saying that he wants the technology giant to increase the amount of innovation.

On Bill Gates, and his newfound involvement with the company, Nadella says that the man is making some pretty hard tradeoffs to work as the Technology Advisor, and is ready to put more energy into the time he spends at Redmond.

  • garak0410

    Kind of inspiring… makes me want to bring my “A” game to EVERYTHING I do. Being a father/husband, work, community activities.