Outsiders may not notice, but there is a relative air of calmness surrounding Redmond, even with the massive departure of employees in pretty much all company divisions.

Satya Nadella, the new man in charge, is at the center of all this.

Currently overseeing the software titan’s transition process, the new Microsoft CEO uses a completely different strategy when it comes to listening to company employees — compared to his predecessor at least, the good old Steve Ballmer.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Jeff Teper, the head of corporate strategy at Microsoft who has been with the company since 1992 explains that Nadella has already won the respect of employees.

Better yet, everyone is willing to work harder just because they do not want to disappoint:

“He’s one of those people where you just hate to say no to the guy. Steve and Bill are a lot more confrontational — they challenge you to bring your A game. With him it’s more like ‘well I don’t want to disappoint the guy, let me work a little bit harder here.’ He’s incredibly smart, he’s gracious, but he’s also super-demanding.”

Ballmer, of course, was famous for the way he talked about Microsoft in the media, and when asking employees to work harder. There are enough stories about him, already.

Through it all, there is no doubting that Satya Nadella is very different from Ballmer. Employees like him, and his surge in approval rating continues to rise. All we await, are some results.

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  • Emily Williams

    Everyone seems to love him! Definitely a great sign for Microsoft heading forward. Although I think it’s time to stop labeling him as “new” ceo.

  • Sphar

    Regardless of whether you’re working for Bill, Steve or Satya, you’ll always bring you’re A-Game and go the extra distance because you are working for the greatest company in the world. Go Microsoft!

    • Ray C

      I agree

    • Mary

      I think that may be a little over-the-top, but I agree with the general premise. Take pride in working for one of the most powerful companies of all time.

  • golfster

    Does anyone notice the trend of other countries outlawing Microsoft products? Has that affected the stock price? It’s probably not all that bad since China and Russia mostly steal MS stuff anyway. I’d guess half of what they use is not paid for.