As if we forgot! Windows XP is not the only major Microsoft software about to reach end of support this year. Internet Explorer 6 is also done for, and the same goes for the classic of classics, Office 2003.

April 8 is the day when support and updates are cut off for this old productivity suite.

And Microsoft, in a new blog post on its Office blog, has put up a humorous new infographic to remind the general public that how much the world of computing has changed in the past decade, since the launch of Office 2003. Oh, and support for the suite ends too.

Long story short, businesses and users that are still running Office 2003 now need to move on. Redmond also happily pitches its Office 365 service, saying:

“Plus, if your hard drive crashes there is no need to panic (we’ve all been there), with Office 365 all of your files will be safe and sound in the cloud. And you’ll never have to worry about outdated software, security installs, or purchasing a CD with an installation code again – Office 365 is always up-to-date, equipped with built in security and available to purchase online (no CD required!).”

This version of Office launched back in October 2003, and came with a host of interesting features, including the premiere build of OneNote — to go with the final version of Clippy.

Interestingly, it is rather hard to estimate the number of users that are still rocking Office 2003, as opposed to Windows XP. Chances are there are not that many, if only for the sole reason that newer versions of the productivity suite can also be installed on the old operating system.

Anyway, the infographic is a fun read, so check it out below:


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  • Jason Claven

    Very fun and effective graphic. It really shows how far we’ve come technologically in just over a decade. Really incredible.

  • Jake

    Oh man! The social media grandparents graphic had me cracking up! Hits extremely close to home for me. Nice advertisement on moving forward.

  • Sally Black

    It is honestly incredible that computers looked like that just 10 years ago! I barely even remember the look, but the side-by-side comparison is crazy. It looks so outdated, so the graphic is obviously accomplishing what it is intended to do.

  • Wayne S

    This was awesome. Thanks for posting, Fahad. The social media presidential campaign picture was especially cool to think about. Out of all the pictures, XP definitely looks the most outdated, which was intentional I imagine.

  • Bill Franklin

    Cool poster. My only issue is that camera phones weren’t even as good as they look in the picture in 2003! I could barely even see the picture on the first camera phones! 🙂