New Microsoft Infographic Shows Why We Should Choose The Nokia Lumia 630

The recently released Nokia Lumia 630 makes a few compromises, but delivers on several fronts, including price. And while Microsoft is yet to really go all out when it comes to promotion, the company has rolled out a few marketing pieces for this new smartphone.

The latest to come our way is this simple new infographic that does a good job of explaining why users should choose the Lumia 630.

As the image shows, the smartphone comes with a much improved processor, a slightly enhanced display, and a totally refreshed operating system. Windows Phone 8.1 is miles ahead of its predecessor, Windows Phone 8, in many aspects.

Take a look at the infographic below:


Microsoft also highlights the fact that the Lumia 630 is powered by beefier 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor inside, as opposed to the dual-core CPUs that the Lumia 625 and friends run.

Another important factor is the support for dual SIMs — a feature that is not available on any of Windows Phone 8 powered handsets. The battery of this new device lasts longer, and it also comes with expandable microSD memory card capacities of up to 128GB.

The Lumia 630 hit store shelves last month in a number of markets across the globe.

  • StevenR

    Pretty effective graphic I think. Not that the graphic is needed to know that 8.1 is superior to 8, but this does a nice job visualizing it.

  • Ray C

    I don’t think I need a Dual Sim,but I do need to upgrade this 520