Redmond has seen the future, and it is filled with feature rich, touch enabled mobile devices. No surprises then that the company continues its heavy research and development in this field.

And when it comes to tablets and ultrabooks, the technology titan is looking to completely change the way these devices are used. Several of these new researches have been detailed by Microsoft, and now a new patent reveals that the company may be implementing skin sensitive bezels in tablets.

The patent describes a device that is equipped with intelligent bezels — ones that are able to gauge exactly where the hands are located when a device is being used.

This information then allows the gadget the ability to provide screen augmentation for that particular area, meaning users will be provided with a touch based keyboard or other such enhancements that can be included on the bezel.

Luckily the patent includes a few images that show a tablet that has sensors implemented on the bezel, and show it being capable of locating hands of the user and then displaying a split thumb keyboard.

Microsoft has already made it official that it is working on the next couple of generations of the Surface tablets, and no prizes for guessing that the company may want to embed this technology into its range of tablets, maybe even smartphones.

If it does, it may just provide Microsoft with a bit of an upper hand on competitors.

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  • Robert Trance

    They are preparing for a series of WOW-wtf! seasons

  • Ray C

    I hope Microsoft keeps the research on new tech and new methods coming