Microsoft has just posted a revised version of a commercial that pitches its Surface RT tablet against Apple’s iPad. The previous version of this video ad floated up a few days back.

The cost of the Surface RT, back then, was obviously $499. Now thanks to the new price cut, the Windows RT powered device is even cheaper at $349 — slanting the sales pitch even further towards Microsoft’s slate.

Before we get any further, here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

Redmond has been pretty aggressively highlighting how several Windows 8 and RT devices available in the market are superior to the bestselling tablet in the world.

The commercials do a great job highlighting to the consumers that Windows powered slates are better than the iPad in pretty much every way. And now with the newest discount campaign the tablet gets even more enticing for users that want to get their hands on it.

And just like the previously released advertisements, this one is 30 seconds in length — meaning that they are almost a certainty to be showed on TV. Expect this on to be shown on the air soon.

The company has already run the previous iterations of this commercial on television, and this new one should soon become the centerpiece of Redmond’s marketing campaign for its tablet.

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