Not too long ago, Bay wrote an article about how the Microsoft/Google cold war could kill Windows Phone 8. Specifically he was talking about Google’s decision to NOT include any kind of Google services or support for Windows 8 (new UI) or Windows Phone 8.

There are workarounds to use Google Apps, but they aren’t the best and so it is truly hard to use Google services on Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, many of us rely on Google and so this can be a pretty big deal-breaker.

The good news is that there is at least a tiny bit of hope in the form of a new petition from WMPowerUser. The petition is posted on and says that by Google’s refusal to support WP8 with apps, it is the consumer that is suffering more than anything.

With enough attention to the petition, it is hopeful that maybe Google will take notice and will agree do add some kind of support to Windows Phone 8, even if it is limited.

While Google’s official reason for having limited Windows Phone support is that it is too small of a platform, it is probably just as much about the aggressive and competitive war that is brewing between the two tech giants.

Honestly, Google doesn’t make money off of its Android OS, or off hardware. The real money is in the use of its services. The existence of Android phones and tablets is to serve to this end, but really any competing device that sees the use of Google services is also ultimately helping add to Google’s profitability, thus why Google has support for the iPhone and iPad.

It remains seen whether the petition will help at all, but if you are interested in the effort, check out the source link and join in on the petition.

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