New Report Claims That Windows 9 Is Indeed Codenamed Threshold

We first heard the name (or codename, if you will) Threshold a few weeks back. The initial details were as vague as they could be, and some figured this was the name of Windows 8.2, while others pegged this as Windows 9.

Well, it looks like the latter camp was onto something!

Threshold, it turns out, is actually Windows 9 — you know, the version of Windows that is slated for a 2015 launch, and will bring along a whole list of changes including the ability to run Modern apps in those glorious things called windows.

And if all goes according to plan, Microsoft may even finalize the merging of Windows RT and Windows Phone by the time Threshold goes live.

Mary Jo Foley is writing that Redmond has picked Threshold as the new name of Windows 9. What is not clear is whether this is just an internal codename or whether this is indeed the final name of the operating system.

My money is on the former — I don’t want anything to do with Windows Threshold!

Besides, the technology titan also has to accommodate Windows Phone in this cycle, and Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 makes all the sense in the world. So fingers crossed, Windows Threshold is to Windows 9 what Windows Blue was to Windows 8.1.

In any case, development on Threshold is well underway, and preview versions are expected to be handed out to developers and partners for testing by the end of this year.

  • Robert Trance

    still a long time to wait, but exciting!! Surely will be other great job!

    • Fahad Ali

      Exciting indeed!

  • Ray C

    I’m looking forward to all the devices and upgrades that come out around that time. I’m guessing the merged RT and Phone OS will be that the 9.0 versions of each would have been.

  • WillyThePooh

    Don’t know why but I still think win9 in 2015 is a bit too fast. They should probably follow Apple’s initiative–OSX forever.