Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, and rightly so the past few months and last couple of Microsoft events have been all about the upcoming upgrade to the company’s flagship operating system.

But while the first ever upgrade to Windows 8 has taken up most of the news and rumors, it is no secret that Redmond is also working on Windows 9 at the same time. Now some new information about the next full major release of Windows has reached the web.

First up is that Microsoft could use the upcoming version of Windows to unify two of its mobile operating systems together — meaning tablets and mobile phones could soon be powered by the same software, offering pretty much the same features.

This is a strategy similar to what both iOS and Android offers.

But while Google’s platform is rarely deployed to desktops and laptops, and Apple Mac OS has no business on mobile devices, Microsoft has to accommodate its Windows user base into the mix. And this is no small feat, as Windows 8 has shown.

Nevertheless, the new report claims that Microsoft’s massive new reorganization that CEO Steve Ballmer recently made public is a step in this direction. In fact, it represents the first towards a unique operating system that could be installed on both mobile phones and tablets released next year.

A group within Redmond to handle this colossal new project is already said to have been formed, but the company is yet to publicly comment on this, for obvious reasons.

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