New Rumor: Kinect will be integrated into televisions

Once again, the Windows 8 gossip mongers have struck and this one is (as usual) pretty interesting.

It comes from the same source who predicted a 2nd generation Kinect in detail 11 months ago so who knows at this point. For more details about the source and what he predicted in the past, see this post here.

Anyway, standard disclaimer applies:

This is a RUMOR – We cannot validate the truth of the story.

So, here’s what we were told.

  • Microsoft Research is looking at the third iteration of the Kinect
  • They are working with 3 or 4 TV manufacturers as well as 3 or 4 monitor manufacturers.

We are told that the Kinect has been wildly successful but that the form factor is temporary. The plan is to integrate the third version of the Kinect directly into televisions and Laptop/PC monitors.

The challenge is currently to make the camera as seamless as the cameras on premium laptops today – built into the screen unobtrusively.

The success of the Kinect apparently has Microsoft research pushing the envelope on this one and the plan is to make Kinect a much broader computer interaction platform than most people imagine. The race is on to make the Kinect the default method of communication/interaction with your media device.

Once people are used to speaking and waving at their devices to make things happen, there will be no going back. Whatever vendor can solve that problem will be sitting pretty on billions of dollars.

Once again, This is a RUMOR – We cannot validate the truth of the story.

What do you guys think? does this make sense?