When Microsoft officially confirmed Windows 8.1 for the first time, a month or so back, it also detailed that the upcoming operating system will be distributed to users via the Windows Store.

Users will get a notification message as soon as the update becomes available for them.

Now a new screenshot posted by Tom Warren (on Twitter, obviously) reveals how the notification will look like. It will allow Windows 8 users to see first see what’s new in the next release (not just Windows 8.1) of the operating system through the integrated Windows Store.

The message reads something like this:

“Get Windows 8.1 for free from the Store. Go to the Store to see what’s new and get the update. You can keep using your PC while it downloads.”

Works for me!

The alert will pop up on both desktop and tablets — Windows RT devices are, of course, also in line to get the Windows RT 8.1 treatment later this year.

Along with plenty of other improvements, Windows RT tablets are about to receive the Outlook 2013 RT email client that would allow them the ability to check their email account straight from the Metro user interface of their operating system.

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