From My Computer, to Computer to This PC, it seems that Microsoft is again up for some renaming. A brand new screenshot seems to reveal something quite interesting.

Windows Blue is all set to bring a number of improvements, a lot of them expected, but some not so.

And this is something from the unexpected category, a new leaked screenshot that floated up a few hours ago shows that Microsoft is planning to rename the root folder of the operating system from plain old ‘Computer’ to ‘This PC’.

The reasoning behind this is not overly clear — it may very well be just for cosmetic reasons.

If Microsoft indeed makes this change in the final version of Windows Blue, it will be the second time the software titan would have made such a revision — this folder was known as ‘My Computer’ in the early versions of the operating systems.

Hey, if everything is up for a change in Windows 8.1, why not this?

The screenshot above also hints that Microsoft might actually merge Libraries with devices and drives under the ‘This PC’ folder — in an attempt to make it easier for users to access their music, videos and documents. Not confirmed, but at least seems this way.

Again, file this as another rumor, until we get some official word from Microsoft on this.

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  1. Darrin Tyler / May 11, 2013 at 6:04 pm /Reply

    So? You can already rename it your self! This has nothing to do with Windows 8.1. Anyone can rename it. I renamed mine to “No One Else’s Computer”

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