New Screenshots of Office 15 on a Windows 8 Tablet

Business Insider got their hands on a copy of Office 15 on a Windows On Arm or Windows RT device.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the applications have been faithfully ported to ARM and are looking pretty spectacular.

The screenshots are from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note.


Microsoft Excel on ARM
Microsoft Excel on ARM
Microsoft Powerpoint on ARM
Microsoft Powerpoint on ARM
Microsoft OneNote on ARM
Microsoft OneNote on ARM
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  • Gerry Rivers

    Interested in knowing how power hungry office suite is going to work on a tablet which is set to run on low power, i know this version is going to be better on resources but would still be interesting to see

    • Lason1864

      It will be a lite version, similar to Apple’s iWorks for the iPad.

  • Lee Keels

    Where’s the ribbon?

    • Adrian

      The ribbon is collapsed by default.  When you click on a tab at the top, the ribbon will appear temporarily until you click a button.  You can choose to have it permanently displayed too.

  • Mike

    That’s the Desktop Taskbar at the bottom of each image.

  • Lason1864

    Looks like the UI is back to the basics-no toolbars or menu ribbon. But then again, it is a lite version.

  • Ben

    Come from the Windows on ARM video

  • Adrian


    Can you please unban me?  Now that I know you are not interested in feedback on your website and are only interested in feedback on Windows 8, I will limit my opinions to Windows 8 and related content.

    If you read through my previous comments, you will see that I do provide positive comments.  I was just having a bad day.  Even though I believe this website could be better, I do respect the effort you put into creating it to keep us up-to-date on Windows 8 and related technology.

    Alternatively, you can ban me again, in which case you’ll lose my respect completely and I’ll remove you from my daily RSS feeds.  You will lose the commissions you get from my daily page views.  I don’t use an ad-blocker, since I believe in helping to support bloggers.