Microsoft sure does like to keep Skype in the spotlight. And what better way to do so than fan contests. The company launches interesting new contests for Skype on a regular basis.

The latest one to go live asks users to create and submit art using just the emoticons included in Skype.

These tiny little graphical smileys are frequently used by users, and now creative users can put them to good use to create pieces of art. Leanne Johnson of Skype detailed this new contest in a post, saying:

β€œIn our first Moment Makers challenge, we asked you to create your own Skype instant messaging emoticon art. Our users released their inner artists, using our chat window as their canvas and there was some amazingly creative art shared.”

Redmond has already started receiving submissions for the contest β€” so if you are feeling lucky, or creative and want your designs showcased to the world, now is your chance.

Some prizes are potentially up for grabs, though no details are provided.

Skype is increasingly becoming a cornerstone service for Microsoft, more so after the company retired the Windows Live Messenger service. The technology titan is trying to get more and more of the Messenger user base over to Skype, in an attempt to streamline and put the focus on the VoIP platform.

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