New Software Promotion - 3 free licenses of LapLink PCMover Professional

New Software Promotion – 3 free licenses of Laplink PCmover Professional

Ahh Windows8update readers, ye are indeed blessed.

Software vendors love the readers on this site and want to put their products in front of you. My good buddy Andy from Laplink software is offering 3 FREE licenses of PCmover Professional to you guys and girls.

What is PC Mover?

PCmover is the only software program that automatically moves all applications, settings, files, folders, and more to a new PC. Pictures, videos, music, tax files, Internet favorites, documents, spreadsheets, and games are just a few of the things PCmover can move automatically.

Setting PCmover apart from any other solution is the ability to move applications, a capability no other tool can provide. Not only is PCmover the only solution that moves applications automatically from an old PC to a new one, it is also the only way to upgrade an existing PC “in-place” from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Reviews by industry press, like The Wall Street Journal, have been extremely favorable with PC Magazine giving PCmover its Editor’s Choice award.

You can check out their website here

In order to get your software license, here’s what you have to do.

  1. Leave a comment below and give me a reason why you deserve the software.
  2. Google +1 this site (right hand side below the first ad).
  3. Google +1 this article (below)
  4. Tweet this article (below)

I’ll publish the winners of this promotion in 7 days (the 22nd of November 2011).

Good luck!

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems. In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

  • Kc McGinnis

    I help elderly people in our church with their computer questions and problems.  Some of the issues is in moving programs and data from one computer to a newer model.  This software would help me out.


  • Matthew

    I do a lot of coding and mess my pc up quite often and this would help me a lot with backups


  • Larian1992

    I need this program because I build and give (free of charge) PC’s to seniors (I’m a senior too) within my trailer park, I do this on my own with no help. This would make my job easier. I transfer a large amount of data to the new computers.

  • Lyndsey Potter

    I remember the days when LapLink was the ipso facto standard in peer networking before even Microsoft’s first network program. It was rock solid and I expect PC Mover to be the same. I have’nt worked with LapLink for years as it was over-taken by the “big” boys (Microsoft, Cisco, etc.) but I’d love to give it a try.

    • Onuora Amobi won!

  • Budgall

    You will all be disappointed if you win, I believe the license will allow you to use it for only one computer move, additional moves require another license

  • Michael Montello

    I remember LapLink Pro for DOS 1-parallel cable, 1-serial cable and a floppy diskette.  This would be a very useful tool and beat using the Windows Migration Tool.  I’m a word-of-mouth tech that does upgrades on a regular basis.

  • Greg F

    Laplink software has saved me so much time in the past and I would love to see what the company is up to these days.  If I hunt through my box of stuff I am sure I can find my laplink cable waiting patiently for the day I use it again.
    Laplink and xtree gold on a bootable floppy and I could conquer the world.

    I remember back in the day backing up a 2 gigabyte hard drive over a laplink serial cable, that shows real commitment on my part 🙂 I miss the good old days!

  • Jassani

    Its very useful software.

  • Hank

    Onuora, I think we could all use software like this nifty program produced by LapLink PCMover Professional to back up or transfer whole operating systems so effortlessly. Very cool program to add to one”s computer arsenal of weapons, to combat data loss, and simple ease of migrating operating systems.

  • Ed Cervantes

    Hello … i think this software would arrive most timely….
    I’m planning to get a new lap for my work and this program would help me a lot!

  • Avklingler

    Laplink makes a nice product, not only saves time, but does it well. Would like to use this to port to Windows 8.

    Arnold Klingler
    [email protected]

  • Dracula

    Thanks but I will pass on this one. I have no use to tweet anything. The last thing I need is to have to read some tweet from someone. Personally I have no use for any of the “social services” (tweet-blog-facebook-etc) as well over 99% of them are a complete waste of space. While I appreciate the offer, I will bypass and let someone else take the chance.

  • Vern111

    It’s hard to believe that one program can do all of that. I’ve been around the block and I hate transfering all of that to a new PC. Make it easy for me please!

  • Billy D. Thomas

    Why I Deserve the Software. ! . ? I  . I Would Like to try it. I had never heard of Lap Link, but this looks like a valuable tool. Personally Twice with Vista and again with Windows 7 Microsoft  has Unauthorized and Revoked my genuine O.S. I can not afford a New O.S every 2 years can barely afford to Upgrade my P.C. a piece at a time as i have to. Yes i do have a Much better computer than the 399 box i started with, But the sticker is still on it. I am back to XP , Awaiting this Windows 8 beta test. IF You Give me the FREE   license I will TRY it on Windows 8 and perhaps provide you with helpful data. Software isn’t a luxury i can afford. Company’s like AVG , Yahoo ,Mozilla , Google , and even “the devil” Microsoft have provided Free software for me, and i hope you will too. It would be Great to have a contact @ Lap Link that i could send an Error report to and get solutions when i try it on Windows 8. And nice to get it soon and learn how it works and how to use it before 8 is released 😉 ….. I will Google +1 it, and Tweet it (if i can remember that password)  But not more than a dozen people will ever see it. … So I will go the extra step and share it on facebook where i have close to 500 ” friends”  DO I DESERVE IT ? …… idk You tell me  How much do you get out of your Tech’s for $29.95 or Advertisers for that?…lol …. Perhaps i got your attention anyways……. Good Luck Everyone ! 

  • Toni120669

    New method and faster than i thought before

  • Bobt

    WOW, Laplink back in the days save me alot of work. Back in 92 we usef it to transfer from a seed pc to build over 80 pcs for Florida Power. Excellent software…

  • Knud_boerge2000

    I’ve follows windows from windows 1 to now. earlier winodws had build in programs to bacup and resore program, but this feture is now removed. I like anyone hoped fro an application like this.
    I realy want this program.

  • Richjoany

    As a retired PC technition I am frqently asked to mve files from an existing Tower to a lapTop.
    This program would be very useful to me

  • barosekopf

    This would be great!

  • László Héthy

    Nagyon szeretném kiprobálni,biztos jó program.

  • Sonya

    I have worked for a company for over 7 years which is now going overseas. I have a lot of information to transfer from my work laptop to my personal laptop. None of which is company owed but this would make life much easier for me. I am on the road three hours getting to and from work and I am on call 24X7X365 as well once I do arrive home. Then at work for 12.5 hours so I have very little spare time as well. Thank you for all you do.

    • Onuora Amobi won!

  • Guest

    I use it when I reinstall windows

  • Susan Goman

    I would love to find out what this program is all about I am only on a dissability pension and depend on my computer and it’s software for many things including day to day contact with family and friends I keep so much data on my computer and have such a hard time migrating to a new operating system or computer backing up my computer seems to take me ages and transfering files programs etc in the event of a disater  much much longer as I cannot afford to buy expensive software for transfers

  • Wlb1218

    I really need that license, I do alot of installs I have 6 computers at home and could use that software,

  • Gm

    This software would be very useful because I have several versions of Windows on multiple machines especially since it can transfer some software.

  • Sidd

    Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.
    Laplink pc mover is really very helpful for me as with day to day change in technology ,we became outdated just other day of purchasing a product.I have upgraded my pc 2 years ago and now i am planing to buy a new one and it would be helpful for me for moving  my data and programs to the new pc.
    Hope i win one of the license key.!/siddxxxx/status/136794978952294400

  • F14fxr

    I could really use this software at my job.  I am always setting up customers with new pc’s and can move their profiles and documents with no prolems but the ability to move all files and programs is something I could really use

  • Jbturpin

    i would like to have this software to transfer my files to my new windows8 computer

  • bjennis

    I am always setting up new PC’s for not for profits, friends, family… and this is the best way to get these new systems configured properly. Having been using Laplink from the old DOS days through today and it has always made my work easier. I have also used Laplink to clone laptops at work so I always have a backup system in case something happens to the primary system.

  • Mikewalsh

    This will be agreat piece of software as I do this kind of thing a lot and to have a program such as this would be great.

  • fa fabba

    I would like to have this software to transfer my files old pc to upgrade my new pc. This would be a very useful tool and excellent software. Please count me in.

  • my_immortalize
  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    After reading your advertisment about PCmover, I’m interested in the way that it has the ability to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, since Mr. Onuora always send me newsletters and introducing a more advanced tools to be applied on my PC and I don’t used them, I was thinking what if I follow my friends advise by moving from Windows XP to Windows7. At present I have a dell inspiron 8600 using Windows XP Home edition where I studied how Windows design the software formula, with a few engineering knowledge I found that Microsoft has created something, which will become the timeline for the future computer users. The engine of the software is suitable with my dell inspiron 8600. I try and enjoy the Windows XP over and over until one day I tried the three software from microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7 planted on my dell inspiron 8600 at the same time,
    unfortunately I have to stop this operation due to Products and Activations keys. I have only one legal products key that comes along with my dell inspiron 8600 machines only for Windows XP Home Editions. If you don’t mind Mr Onuora, I ask your permission and advice for my aditional knowledge from microsoft to use Windows 7 legaly, so that it will increase my knowledge on computer without changing my dell inspiron 8600 machines, because my dell inspiron 8600 machines is still on air,
    and by using your step by step computer knowhow maybe I’ll understand what it’s all about.
    If by doing so it will deteriorate your Windows and dell computers systems design, that’s okey with me to stay with Windows XP Home Editions. Thank you 

  • What’s in it?

    I would use PCMover Pro simply when I need to move all my important files and other necessary files from my old Windows XP PC to a new Windows 7 PC during the time of migration.

    Tweeted here –!/give4away/status/137039710408294401

    Best Regards

  • Ed Cervantes

    Come on, mate … I never win any raffle, or free stuff … dat enough reason?
    i love all kinda software … i do try everything!

    • Onuora Amobi

      Maybe you’re in luck  🙂 won!

  • Alfonso Alatorre

    Because I just do laplink is indeed very good Id put it to good use @the school I work for

  • Alfonso Alatorre

    Hey I just did everything but the +1 button below the ad doest not work sends me too a google error! the one on the bottom does work …

  • Jonny Allen

    I deserve this product as it will make my life a whole lot easier as im constantly swapping between my desktop and my laptop so this would make it A breeze also upgrading Hard drives will be a doddle

  • Cintian

    Nagyon tetszene ez a szabad lehetőség!!!!

  • Jan Larsson

    Need to update whith a new computer and want all my setting be the same on the new computer.

  • Edward Jeffery

    I have not used anything like this and I can’t wait to give it a try, should save me a lot of trouble and time

  • Tracy Verlin

    I feel that I deserve this to help me move my data from several, or at least 3 pc’s to my newest version of windows. I participate in our discussions. And, I have been all over Win8 DEV Preview. I will be ready to migrate.

  • Mr. Magic

    Planning to migrate an older PC with tons of software to new environment. This software will dramatically assist me in accomplishing that task. I help a lot of people who are not literate with computers. I deserve this to make that easier.

  • Daniel Schuster

    I deserve the software for the following reasons; I can’t afford to buy the software and I really could use it. IThis is why I nnes the software. My second reason will benefit the software vendors and MSN. With the exception of one person, everybody I know has access and/or owns a computer and surfs the ‘net. Now all these people at some point are going to upgrade their computer, and would benefit from me telling them and selling them on the necessity of using this software. We’re talking over a hundred people, and probably close to two hundred people, so if just half listen to me and they will, the boost in sales alone dictates that I deserve this software. So, in summary, giving me this software is a win-win-win for everybody…the software manufacturers, MSN, and me, and because of me benefiting, think of all my friends that will be benefiting! Thank you, Daniel Schuster.

  • tengalice49

    Can I have this logiciel please, I need it. (I’m french)


    I remember using Laplink all the way back to the MS-DOS
    Days.  It was the perfect tool for tech kit; 9/25-Pin Serial Cable, and I
    even made my own Parallel Cable.  Still have them today.  I used them
    regularly in my computer company for a time, and afterwards when friends and
    family would ask for help.  Now I’m the tech guy at my church, and they
    are in dire need of upgrading to all their computers.  I would love to be
    able to rely on Laplink again!  
    that’s my story.  I hope you will choose
    me for a free copy.  Thanks, JIGSAW

  • Jm120951

    I need a program that actually does what it says! I’ve had programs from Norton and other companies that does not do what they advertise. I work for a laboratory bioanalytical that when I go to another cpu(from desktop to laptop) I lose most of my work! Thank God I can restore from a partial backup, but I still have to reload my chemical programs, which takes a good deal of time. And this is the same operating system! Arghh… I would love to be able to transfer all my info from one cpu to another one time. If this program works as good as it says. I would tell all my colleagues to buy this program.

  • Capt. Terry

    I sure could use a copy of the latest version of LapLink. The last copy I had quit working about a year ago. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve paid for it in the past anymore.

  • Shafket2009

     Laplink PCmover Professional-an excellent software to move the files from an old pc to a new pc with ease,would recommend it to every pc user.thanks.