Been waiting for the opportune moment to get Microsoft’s newest Windows RT tablet? This new Surface 2 discount means the tablet now starts at $349.

This new promotional pricing is reflected on the official product page.

All three available models are now discounted by $100 — the 32GB variant, the 64GB model and the one with 64GB storage capacity plus 4G LTE connectivity. Here are the new prices for those of you interested in the tablet:

Surface 2 32GB — $349
Surface 2 64GB — $549
Surface 2 64GB (4G LTE) — $679

And although powered by the ARM based version of Windows, these new slates offer a fair amount of power thanks to the enhanced Tegra 4 processor. Plus, you also get the full version of Office thrown in, along with access to a growing collection of apps on the Windows Store.

The 10.6″ display of the Surface 2 comes with an upgraded 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution.

Surface 2 launched in October 2013, and it will soon be a year old. Chances are that Microsoft is preparing a new model that might launch in the coming months, a successor to the Surface 2.

This bargain deal could be a way for the company to clear stocks to make room for new hardware. Plus there is also the case of the Back to School season, and this device is a good option to give to young ones and students.

Either way, pretty good time to buy the Surface 2, particularly for undemanding users.

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  • Michael L

    I think the SurfacePro 3 looks fantastic, but for the price differential, I think this is the much better option of the two if you’re in the tablet market. I’m seriously considering pulling the trigger here.

    • Mary

      Completely with you on this one. SP3 is good, but not worth the money I’d need to spend. On the other hand, S2 is good and cheaper than I think it’s worth. Nice offer here.