Even though Redmond did not unveil a new Surface device or share any specific future plans for its tablets at BUILD, the technology titan is busy promoting and expanding the retail availability of current Surface models.

The company recently signed several deals to make its tablets available via authorized resellers, both in the United States and aboard.

Microsoft now seems to be targeting businesses and commercial organizations.

And in order to highlight the features of its Surface slates to businesses the company has posted a series of new videos to its Surface YouTube channel. The videos do a great job of showing how companies and individuals are using Surface slates to replace laptops at work.

The first of three videos shows how an exercise company by the name of FlyWheel Sports has installed the Surface RT at many of its locations to allow customers to check in to work out on a specific bike on a set day with a preselected instructor.

Another video highlights how Surface is being used by the doctors at the Palmetto Health medical health group to keep track of data for their patients. The group tried to use the iPad for the same purpose but Apple’s tablet did not have enough performance to handle the task.

And the final video has a chat with Marcus Bluestein, the Chief Technology Officer of Kraft Kennedy, a company that helps to create and maintain IT systems for law firms. Bluestein talks about how the Surface Pro has replaced his iPad, laptop, and even his desktop for work.

Market researchers and even hardware vendors have highlighted the scope of Windows tablets in the business domain, and Microsoft seems to be well aware of the potential there is for growth in this sector. These new videos do a great job highlight the real word usage of Redmond’s tablets.

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