Mac vs. PC, round 2? From launch day, Panos Panay, the Surface boss at Microsoft has been hyping up the new Surface Pro 3 as a potential replacement for traditional laptops.

Fast forward from May 20 to now, and the technology titan has gone on step ahead.

Redmond has launched a new series of video ads that put the Surface Pro 3 against the Apple MacBook Air, with the obvious purpose of highlighting how the device can replace your laptop — and these clips do a pretty good job of underling the features of the slate.

Titled, Power, Crowded and Head to Head, the ads are embedded below:

Each comes in at a length of 30 seconds, signaling that these clips will soon be airing on television screens around the world.

Seeing Microsoft promote its new Surface tablet by comparing it side by side with a MacBook Air is not all that surprising, keeping in mind the fact that the company has done this before.

But ads like these are a good throwback to the original Mac vs. PC ads that were rolled out back in the late 90s, when both Microsoft and Apple were locked in a fierce battle of showcasing the advantages of their devices.

The Surface Pro 3, available for purchase in the United States since June 20, is set to launch in 25 new markets by the end of this month.

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  1. No mention of the price. I think the ads are good and interesting, but the big difference is the Macbook air is cheaper in some cases.

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