New Surface Pro 3 Discount Gets You The Tablet For $650

If you are a student, that is. Microsoft regularly puts up special promotional pricings for its products, and the Surface tablets, in particular, get exclusive price cuts for sectors like education and the military.

And here we are with another one.

Those of you heading back to school, and are considering buying a Surface tablet, Redmond is making you an offer that is hard to refuse — an entry level Surface Pro 3 tablet for the downright amazing price of just $650.

As a matter of fact, all Pro 3 models are now off by at least $150, while the top of the line Core i7 variant now discounted a clear 10%, and is $194 cheaper.

These discounts also cross over to the tablet accessories.

The Type 3 cover, for instance, an essential purchase, can now be had for $116.99, and the remarkably robust Surface Pro 3 docking station is also down $20, now available for $179.99.

Details are available here, on the Educational Portal on the official Microsoft Store website. And while this particular deal is set to run until September 3, there is no guarantee that the entry level machines may last this long. So make a move swift, if you are planning to.

  • Black Eagle

    This is good to see. Good deals. Right before school.

    • Sally Black

      I am with you. A very smart way to turn a very “apple-centric” demographic back towards Windows too! Great move all the way around.

  • Ray C

    I’m not sure whey they don’t do this more often. I said at both the launch of Xbox and generation 2, they should have done some type of promotion to let people get the device cheaper temporarily. That way they wouldn’t have to lower the price permanently and could get more early adopters