Anyone remember the 2000 Nicholas Cage starrer, Gone In 60 Seconds? That was actually the remake of the classic 1974 film of the same name. Microsoft itself may be onto something here, only just replace the 60 seconds by 60 minutes.

The latest Surface Pro shipment of 128GB models lasted a mere 1 hour — barely.

Redmond has promised additional units of the larger capacity model by the end of last week, and while not many Microsoft Store retail locations got hands on the slate, there are some who quietly did.

According to GeekWire, Seattle’s University Village store, for example, received a (shall we say) very small shipment of 50 units, but they were all sold out in under an hour.

Not just that, news is spreading fast on the Surface Pro, and huge lines form outside retail locations that are rumored to have received new tablets. Apparently, several people who formed lines outside the Seattle store had to leave empty handed as the tablets ran out.

Call it what you will, but this much is clear that Redmond just cannot ship enough 128GB Surface Pro tablets to meet demand. How long this will last is anybody’s guess.

Microsoft, for its part, has just launched a preorder program for the 128GB variant of Surface Pro, and confirms that more devices will be available early March. For now though, the best bet is to go out and get a 64GB version of the tablet.

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  1. Who though, who thought… might be the next favourite thing!

  2. I hope that Microsoft will focus on Surface Pro for now, and if possible release a 256 GB version at the price of the 128 GB version and lower the price of the 128 GB version to the current price of the 64 GB version.
    A bigger screen version (12 inches) could be also interesting.
    They should wait until they can remove the desktop on WIndows RT before refocus on Surface RT.

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