Another take it or leave it rumor from a take it or leave it source, but one that very much makes sense. DigiTimes is claiming that a new Surface model is indeed in the works right now.

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3 on May 20, and in the process, delayed the release of the Surface Mini, which according to most estimates is still on the cards, and might see daylight next year.

But this new report states that a new 10.6-inch version of Surface is being prepared for debut in October 2014, and it is set to take over from existing Surface 2 models. Production of components for this new slate is projected to start in August.

Volume production, the source states, kicks off in September.

If all goes according to plan we should have an unveiling in October, while sales of this new unit should begin next month, November. Pretty standard stuff, provided it is true.

As for the features of this new tablet, expect it to be slimmer and lighter, and more powerful in terms of processing and visual prowess. Some innovative new features? We have no idea, right now.

At the very least, it means that the Surface Mini still remains an enigma.

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  1. Jared Edwards / July 28, 2014 at 10:43 am /Reply

    Will this be a cheaper option than the Surface Pro 3? If it’s replacing the 2, I would assume so, but I need some more information on this before I’m fully onboard with it.

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  3. I guess this will be Surface, the non-Pro version. I’m cool with it if Microsoft can ever get their pricing right

    • I am with you Ray. The Surface Pro 3, while very impressive in tons of aspects, is painfully overpriced in my eyes. I hope this non-pro version is priced way down from the SP3.

  4. 나는 윈도우 8.1과 함께 제공 희망한다

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