New taskmanager screenshot in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server

The good folks at MDL forums have been poring over Windows * server x64 like vultures on a carcass.

Here’s a screenshot from member 3ricky114.

It shows the new taskmanager in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server.

Also.. some tips to Make Aero Work in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server1.

  1. First Download and install your graphic drivers
  2. Go to Start> Type by search: Turn windows features on or off, press enter> Click on features> Add Features> Search for Desktop Experience> install it…>
  3. Go to Start> Administrative Tools*> Services> Search for Themes> Double Click on it> Set Startup type to: Automatic> Apply> Service Status: Start…>
  4. Go to Start> Type by search: Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows, press enter> Set check adjust for best appearance…>

Credit MDL Forums