New version of Windows 8 leaked and available to all


The first Windows 8 build has leaked.

The full build string for the leaked build is 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso.

The build has been verified as genuine.

The torrent is out already…(use Google if you wish) 🙂


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  • Brian mcfaul

    it looks ver y nice indeed but testing it would be better

  • Graham Armitage

    Looks the same as Windows 7

  • blokeuk

    am i thick or r they giving away a illegal torrent for download

  • blokeuk

    The build has been verified as genuine.

    The torrent is out already…(use Google if you wish

  • Moneyhacker07

    down at the corner on right side..
    its written windows 7and also written “this copy of windows is not genuine”.
    i don’t think its 8

  • xinu

    People, please keep in mind this is only M1, and if you do torrent make sure you get build 7850. It took me 10 sec. to find it on google, be aware that there’s a lot of people who customise win 7 and then try to sell it to you as windows 8.

    In response to Moneyhacker07 and Graham Armitage, what do you expect guys this is only M1, you would probably have to be a developer to tell the difference on the surface, why dont you have a look whether some of the features are present in the build which where discussed on this blog earlier such as the “reset button” feature, use videos as profile and the windows 8 aero change thing etc.. I’m sure there’s a lot hidden under the bonnet, if you want to see more changes wait until RC is released.

  • Antony Maddock

    windows7 is the only program I have running and I am 50 and this is my 1st commputor I have owned and used windows 7 has made all tasks so easer thank you for all support TONY.M