Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia 630 are destined to be the talk of the town by this time next week. Microsoft and Nokia are ready to bring the goods at the BUILD 2014 event in San Francisco.

But before that, some new information is available on both.

Thanks to a new video that has popped up in China, the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is shown running on, what is believed to be, a Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone. While the quality of the clip could be a bit (okay, a lot) better, it does show off some of the new features of the mobile OS.

You can watch this cinematic delight below:

One of the first things you will notice is that the upcoming smartphone is packing the new build of Windows Phone 8.1, as is evident from the soft keys, as opposed to dedicated hardware buttons.

Some of the previously rumored features of the new OS are also highlighted.

These include the Action Center, a shiny new Podcast app to go with a novel little FM Radio application extracted from the Music Hub. Xbox Video and Music apps are also shown in Windows Phone 8.1, separately, as they were a single app before.

You can also see the new Tab section and support for private navigation in Internet Explorer.

Additionally, a new default Photos app is available that includes features like All, Album and Favorites, each on separate panels. The refreshed layout of the stock Camera app is also briefly glimpsed.

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  • Wayne S

    As you said, the quality of the video doesn’t do it justice, but it looks pretty awesome. I like the podcast app in particular!

  • Emily W

    I’m excited for this. The new features look amazing and the phone looks cool, despite the blurry video. Looking forward to getting new information from BUILD! 🙂

  • Ray C

    Can’t wait for next week

    • Jason Claven

      I’m with you! The amount of information we are going to get next week is going to be crazy!

  • John

    I hope the lumia 930 looks as good as the 630.