A whole bucketload of them! In case you’re unaware, E3 2018 is currently ongoing. And Microsoft set the stage on fire yesterday by announcing a ton of new games.

Almost all of them for Xbox One, and most of them coming to Windows 10 as well.

Via the Microsoft Store.

This holds true for both smaller titles, as well as blockbuster ones like next iterations of the Halo, Gears and Forza franchises — the three pillars of the newfound gaming ambitions that Redmond now possesses.

Ambitions to bring together the Xbox platform together with Windows 10, the console world together with the PC.

We have confirmation that Windows 10 users will be treated to Halo: Infinite, Gears of War 5, as well as Forza Horizon 4 in the coming months and years. Though in between is the distressing news that Crackdown 3 has seen another delay, and now will release in 2019.

If at all.

Here is a selection of trailers to tide you by, in the meantime:


Most impressive.

There were also several other showcases for smaller titles, like Ori and the Will of the Wisps and an expansion for Cuphead, in the form of a DLC titled The Delicious Last Course.

But overall, this was a much better showing from Microsoft at E3, with something for everyone, no matter their gaming preferences. And the fact that pretty much all of these titles are set to arrive for Windows 10 simply shows that the software titan is committed to expanding gaming on the PC.


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