Microsoft is preparing a new version of its OEM BIOS activation for use in Windows 8.

Apparently it will be called OA version 3.0 for Windows 8.

According to sources familiar with the company’s plans, Microsoft is working on a key new technology that will enable it to protect against activation hackers.

Illegal copies of Windows 7 and Windows Vista have been widely circulated thanks to mechanisms created to bypass Microsoft’s OEM activation certificates.

Windows Vista and Windows 7, which both rely on OA version 2.0, have fallen victim to activation cracks and bypass methods.

In July 2009, months before its release, Windows 7 was fully cracked and activated with an OEM master key.

Microsoft is will be trying to avoid the same cracks with Windows 8.


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  • xinu

    I don’t like windows activation. I mean I buy the legitimate product, but I still hate it. I hate having to call the phone activation thing after having formatted my PC twice or when Microsoft just decides that it wont let me activate my key anymore for some reason. I guess its an effective method in combating piracy and probably a necessary step, however its a much hated feature amongst many power users.

    • Guest

      The problem is its not an effective method in combating piracy

      • Simonbromilow2

        yes because not everyone will want windows updates so the standalone installation can be cracked and no updates can detect it if they’re not downloaded although they can be downloaded manually using a wat crack for mozilla or firefox and download updates from the site that are critical

  • John Paul Logan

    I’m a student so I get Win 7 for free and my key can install like a hundred times and then I just go talk with a guy on campus to get a new one. good for me since I wipe my harddrive and reinstall every couple months as I notice the computer starting to slow down

    • JohnHolmes

      You are an idiot

      • Onuora Amobi

        Please refrain from insulting others on these comments. You can disagree without being disagreeable.

  • Stephen Samuel Netto

    Microsoft can try all it wants, it’s operating systems are always cracked. Those nutcases with all the brains & money can’t even find an acceptable activation solution. The present method sucks!!! For example they could use a unique hardware identifier to embedd information about the software’s usage!!!

  • Guest

    What a waste of time… This will eventually be cracked, and then useless. 🙂

  • Julius Malco

    Here’s a thought. How about charging less than $100 for the OS?

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard is $74.90 on for the retail version.

    Windows 7 Ultimate is $232.54

  • Jose Segovia

    I have my old PC running so far , I am an unenmployed  who live in a third world country, I understand that Microsoft doesen’t have nothing to do with this, but I would like to have Windows 8 in my PC , but my big issue is the fact that I can not pay for it , for us the price of windows is totaly impossible to pay, only the rich can afford the cost of windows and others things.

  • seo india

    basically to avoid duplicate distribution