New Windows 8 analysis video from Computerworld

A couple of new videos that i thought you guys might find interesting.

IT World Canada IT manager Mat Panchalingam gives his preliminary impressons of Microsoft’s new operating system.

He talks about a lot of the stuff we all feel about Windows 8.

I’m attaching both parts.

  • 1stkorean

    absolutely pathetic in the first 2 minutes.  Stopped after that.

  • ECM2

    Stop whining and squeezing your head
    Here’s your START BUTTON:

  • Robert Kegel

    Umm Mat, if you use Google you can sync both your calandar and email through the mail and calander programs.  Go into the mail or calandar app and open the charms menu then click setting and then accounts and right there you can click add account and Google shows up.  You can’t do the same for Yahoo but that may be added later.