New Windows 8 Build – 8042.0.110707-1940 is reporting that there’s a new Windows 8 build – 8042.0.110707-1940.

This is a Milestone 3 build and was compiled on July 7th.

They are also reporting much greater Windows Live integration being mixed into Windows 8.


From what we reported last time, we were seeing incomplete and untested code due to problems that were coming up with the new user interface. Applications and features that worked in the past were having and causing UI issues.

What we know now is that many of the new features may still seem broken, but in reality, have yet to be updated with the rewritten code. That code will get plugged into a winmain build eventually.

Work is being done to ensure the promised new UI is fully functional. In fact, bugs are being fixed at an exponential rate. This is a good thing, obviously. So things are indeed coming along.

Good to hear that progress is being made…

  • william lopez

    i hope that they release the beta 8,to the public this will help them in getting all bugs out. i had the window vista also window 7.i reported all problems which i saw.if bets is not ready let then release the prebeta.

    william lopez