New Windows 8 Concept video – Copenhagen

Dubbed the Copenhagen user experience, the following video is supposed to be a concept for a future generation of Windows – namely Windows 8.

It seems like a very elaborate video with lots of interesting concepts.

It will be interesting to see just how much of these concepts will actually make it into the beta for Windows 8.

Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo.

  • Diesel

    I love the concept, but I am sure that with the enough work, and some major skinning much of what was shown in the video would be possible with W7.
    I love the start button in the video, but I am not too keen on the new taskbar. It seems rather unintuitive to me.
    I’m a big fan of W7, MS have got everything right in this release (with regards to the UI) as far as i’m concerned. I think that I would prefer Windows 8 to ‘operate’ in a similar fashion to that shown in the video (Explorer, previews, scraps etc) but to keep the overall look of W7, but maybe just a little more refined.
    (EDIT) posted incorrect web address in previous post)

  • xinu

    I dont want to spoil the fun, but I think I saw the same video just before windows vista was released, i still like some ideas the person had though.