New Windows 8 Enterprise Research from Information Week

Information Week has come up with a really good article about the response that Enterprises have to Windows 8.

You can read more here.

There were some really good takeaways from the article and I think it was very well done.

Companies are actually planning to upgrade to Windows 8

Here’s the cool part. It seems like even at this early stage in the game, enterprises are actually considering Windows 8 and are commiting to moving early.

This is big to me because usually, compnaies are a lot more conservative with not only their plans but even their responses to the surveys.

Will they migrate
Will they migrate

Windows 8 Key Reasons To Migrate

This was interesting but not altogether surprising. Companies are basically planning to move to Windows 8 to get off of Windows XP.

Windows8 reason to migrate
Windows8 reason to migrate

36% of Companies stated “End of support for XP” as a primary reason for upgrading.

Better security and support for new hardware are the secondary reasons for migration to Windows 8.

We’re busy!

Companies stated that other projects have a higher priority than a Windows upgrade as the most important barrier to migration.


This is very interesting as well. On one hand it makes perfect sense that companies have other things going on and other more important projects. On the other hand, I would have expected concerns about costs and compatibility etc to be higher on this list.

This also shows that companies are expecting the migration to Windows 8 to be MAJOR. They are right. It’s going to involve a lot of work and analysis. Smart people.

Deploying Tablets and Smart phones

As expected, deploying tablets and smart phones are at the bottom of the priority list for companies.

Tablets and smartphones
Tablets and smartphones

26% of companies have not yet established a timeline for deploying smartphones and tablets, 21% have no plans to deploy at all and 12% don’t know at all.

Almost 60% in total aren’t in a rush in this regard.

A great article.

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