New Windows 8 Fujitsu Arrows Tab debuts at CEATEC

Another Fujitsu device.

This time it’s the Fujitsu Arrows Tab which showed up at the CEATEC conference in Japan.

This tablet sports a front and rear facing camera along with a micro-USB port and a microSD card slot.

Details are sparse but this one is also expected to launch in October/November of this year.

Here’s some video:


  • http://- randomguyoninternetz

    Have people every thought of making a micro-usb thumbdrive? Is it impossible? Lol. All tablets could just have a micro-usb port to plug micro-usb thumbdrives in, solves all the space problems on tablets 😀

  • Kane

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    I think this way works better.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Sounds good.


  • Andrew Grush

    Like the Android version of the Arrow, (I believe) is a waterproof device as well. That means you can take Windows 8 with you to the beach. 🙂