New Windows 8 images from the web

Of course, since the beta leaked, the photos of the beta were bound to follow.

From the Internet, here are some pics of the m1 Beta of Windows 8.

They seem pretty basic to me but I am sure the web will bring more details..

Interested to hear your comments..


  • JW vanLohuizen

    Are you crazy? You got shammed.

    All these images are Windows 7!!!

    • marc3l

      no, this is the early build of windows 8 (build 7850, the final version of Milestone 1). It has the windows 7 skin on it, the new skin/theme of windows8 is locked.

      • Still_here

        so will windows 8 use a new skin or will it use the same (or slightly modified) one as windows 7? I was expecting microsoft to pull a windows phone 7 and come up with a fresh, professional and modern looking interface. As it is now it looks very poor.

  • L Andersen

    Laura A. Fom Yuba City Here:-

    I need to ask, for my own prersonal knowledge, Cuz learning is POWER. Why are there so many Windows Programs?

    Home Basic Premium,? Busines, Cloud, Peoplesoft, Did I miss something?
    Then Windows Student, 8,7,9,the possibly 10? UGH…HUMMMMM. I see there is still some learning to do on Windows 8. I just downlowded (or shall I say Windows Update ) downloaded Windows 9.
    Do I need all of those programs? I still have my quandry with Windows 7 &.Installing the upgrade to X 64!
    My head spins with hesitation every time when I turn my PC on !
    When will Microsoft say STOP. Enough . So many choices. No wonder my PC gets tired & crashes. It can’t handle the pressure!. I’ll need to purchase a new PC if this Microsofr CO. keeps adding programs.
    That all I have. I don’t have suggestions for folks. I wouldn’t know the program for which they are mentioning in order to offer any kind of educated answer.
    I could use help myself.

    Laura A.


    i really want this new windows 8 to become reality i will buy it asap as soon comes out the new pc system.