New Windows 8 infographic from

We’re not sure what Windows 9 will bring but our sister site has put together a pretty sweet infographic that shows some of the new features that are coming in Windows 8.

This is very informative.


  • Aktive

    Sounds great especially the boot from usb part “Windows to Go” Im excited now!

  • SD

    I have already isntalled in my tabler, Acedr Iconia Tab W500, its fun to use only in touchscreen, I also used it in my laptop but its not so suitable for PCs without touch but its working great in my tab, smooyh touch, easy to access, specially picture password (only in touch)

  • Ferenc Csicseri

    windows 8 should have 3d support already oh well you can’t have everything so lets go back to 7

  • Theanonymous

    Faster Boot up, there was a big argument Beacuse in the release of windows 8, It boots up too quickly so there is no time for the user toi enter the bios (boots up in 7 seconds from on to desktop (without password) )