New Windows 8 Install Screenshots – Part 1

Well folks, you knew it was coming in a few days but we got them in a few hours.

Shout out to for the catch.

Here are the first screenshots of the very rudimentary version of Microsoft Windows 8.

First and very importantly, the name seems to be confirmed as Windows 8.

You can see the banner come up upon clicking the executable…


Next, you get the standard Windows option to get critical updates before you start the install/upgrade process..


Then you have to enter your product key…



>>> Head to Part 2 for more


  • Sumit Tariyani

    r u sure wndows 8 has beem launched n how can we buy it or else what r the different features it has coz 7 repeated vista features with basic reformation like faster booting thats it so give us more informative article. ABOUT 8 THNKS.

  • Stephen Samuel Netto

    Windows 7 was a spiced up version of Vista, wonder if windows 8 will be a really spiced up version of Windows 7.