New Windows 8 Install Screenshots – Part 3

This is the third part of a multi part series of new Windows 8 screenshots

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

In the last post, the install had begun

Post install screen looks a lot like Windows 7.


Still looks a lot like Windows 7.


And of course, the screen we have all come to know and love… lets not leak our hard work…


That’s what we have so far folks…

Stay tuned for more…


  • Timiteh

    What is surprising that it looks a lot like Windows 7 ?
    You didn’t expect an alpha version to look different than the previous version, did you ?
    Because the pre-beta version of Windows 7 looks a lot like WIndows Vista until Microsoft reveal the true Beta version to everyone.
    Anyway, i think that what is leaked is almost uninformative about what Windows should really be.
    If Windows 8 is supposed to be just WIndows 7 R2, Ballmer would not call it the riskiest Microsoft product for the upcoming year.

  • xinu

    Personally im not surprised it looks similar to windows 8, I didn’t think they would change it all that much, at least because the windows 7 UI was an absolute killer compared to vista.
    I like the design of the installer, they are finally paying attention to typography, which is a nice touch but its nice that they simplify the upgrade process (based on the questions they ask on the installer screen).

    Im sure there will be a leak on torrent networks soon so we might be able to have a play with the latest build.

  • Robind

    I don’t see anything that would make me go out and buy Windows 8, I use Windows 7 “Eternity” and I have inhanced it (Tweaked…) so what dose W8 have that W7 dose not have?
    The interface still looks like Windows 7, very boring, no 3D unlike on my version,
    Sorry, but I am not impressed yet with W8.

    • Timiteh

      We shall see when it will be at a beta stage.