New Windows 8 Leak: Restore to original factory settings

New Windows 8 Leak: Restore to original factory settings

It’s official.

Windows 8 sites are worshipping at the temple of


Today, they released what looks like a pretty convincing sneak peek into Windows 8 development.

It’s a factory reset option.

Windows 8 factory reset button

Simply put, this function would put together a system restore point feature and help Windows revert back to the original factory settings.

It will remove all the software you have installed, and restore Windows to the default settings, however, you can choose whether to keep your user account information and personal files.

This feature is fast and should take about two minutes, depending on the specific user’s computer configuration.

Very impressive if true.

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  • xinu

    I think this is a fantastic feature, well done Microsoft, really well done! For me personally, this would be reason enough to upgrade from Windows 7, I can also see this feature being very popular with business IT staff. I really hope this makes it to RTM.

  • Darren Lomax

    I think it will put a lot of people out of work

  • CompUser

    If you’re taking your computer all the way back to just the OS, you might as well wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS from scratch. That way, you’ll know for sure you’re getting rid of whatever is causing your problem,