We have some new Windows 8 leaked pre-RTM images from Canouna below.

These images show:

New buttons, new colors, more metro, it’s just “Clean & Nice”

The images show that Microsoft is continuously refining the Windows 8 look and feel before it RTM’s at some point in the next few months.

Here’s the source:

Click on the images to see larger sizes…











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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of EyeOnWindows.com, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. (www.learnabouttheweb.com) and The Redmond Cloud (https://www.theredmondcloud.com).

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  • Randal

    I kind of like the new design. Very simple. Yes it moved to Windows 98 (Year 2098)

    • Matthew Goffard

      or back to 1998…Running it now and im glad i didn’t make it my primary or only os. Back to win7

      • xinu

        It looks like a step back to me as well, I really enjoyed the metro experience.

        • Randal

          They did this to match the Metro. Aero doesn’t fit anymore with Metro’s 2D Feel. I actually like Aero as well but for Windows 7, not for Windows 8.

          • xinu

            I understand change is necessary, and metro is a step forwards. Overall I like metro and the metro experience. I love that Microsoft is finally taking the step towards tackling the tablet market and trying something new, but hate how Microsoft is handling windows 8. Windows 8 feels a little schizophrenic to me. It does not know what it wants to be, a tablet or pc. I DARE SAY i think apple did this better. I agree tablets and PC’s are two different products, and products are about tradeoffs sometimes if you want a great experience. In my personal opinion, metro does not work on a desktop, but is great on a tablet.

  • Timiteh

    It is awful and depressing.
    I don’t care about saving battery life as long as the O.S is power efficient enough.
    And as i have quite powerful laptop, will soon have a mobile workstation for my work and work station for my home, i strongly dislike all this U.I decisions which make it less beautiful and less appealing.
    I appreciate the few improvements and new features of the desktop but this and the whole tablet paradigm for a PC O.S is deeply annoying and pissing me off.
    Either Microsoft manage to release a true desktop version of Windows 8 or i will stay on Windows 7 and dual booting with the Linux distro, and eventually completely move to Linux if Windows 9 is no better.

  • Пантелей Пътник

    Metro style it is big shit

  • 123321

    metro is great. nice to see that the are going to bring kind of metro style to the desktop

  • Rob Delany

    I think it’s cool as. I’ve been running the consumer and now the RTM and I have killed off aero for a while anyway as i think 8 looks really nice and clean without it. An OS can still look modern, fresh and cool without pointless eye candy. And if you look closely at the screenshots above glass is STILL on as you can see the window behind the taskbar in image 2. It’s just not overblown like vista was. Win7 was is great but 8 is just as good. So you guys will shun this OS and its improvements and performance because it hasn’t got enough eye candy for you? 

    It’s depressing?Are you bubblegummers? Do you spend all day in stardock apps trying to make your desktop look like it’s from outer space? Get a grip. Look beyond the pointless stuff at the OS!! 

    • Jezzer

      How do you know the OS isn’t shit too?

  • http://www.facebook.com/max.inyik Heskii S Chris

    its awful appearance who will buy such ugly operating system?

  • http://www.facebook.com/max.inyik Heskii S Chris

    I have Linux zorin 5.5
    it has lots of animation it has glass and aero effect
    but non of them affects the power of this splendid operating system
    if you just take a look at it you will understand that spend money for buy windows 8 is just wasting ur time and money.
    there was just one version of the whole windows8 version successful
    which was windows8 build 7989
    that had at least worth to try
    but they didnt continued it, Microsoft will gonna loose most of its customer very soon
    and am really happy about this, cause there was only bill gates who could understands the users’ needs

  • Pcdogma

    I have 500+ users and I can tell you this – Win 8 and the Metro interface is counter productive for end-users. They generally have a hard enough time with what they have. How about the learning curve for Windows 8? How long will an organization have to deal with a lag in productivity while end users learn this new interface?

    Suddenly removing the Start button after 20 years is a bad business decision. Saying that you can get to the desktop by going through the Metro UI is even dumber. Are they TRYING to give Apple more business? 

    I am normally all for the newest, latest and greatest but this OS is just a mess. They can tout and skew all kinds of projected numbers for adoption but I’m sure my organization is like most others and will pass on this abomination. The fact that they are doing it to Servers too is even more disturbing.

    Bottom line. I don’t think this to be a wise business decision. 

  • Fedri

    Yes works fine windows8,is not to have effect as if made ​​windows 8 windows 7.So change is necessary,if you liked windows 7 keeps it. But is working beautifully windows8, I can say that adapt very quickly and forget the obstacles.

  • Michael

    Damn, that is UGLY.