New Windows 8 Rumor – Windows 8 Beta Release Date

We received a rumor about the Windows 8 Beta release date.

As a prominent blog that has covered Windows 8 from the very beginning, we tend to get a lot of rumors sent to this site every week.

As I’ve said before, I tend to ignore 99% of them as they can’t be verified or don’t seem credible in any way shape or form.

This one however seems to have a tinge of truth to it so I thought I would share it with you.

So, I got a communication from a source (in Microsoft) who has been right before on this site.

He was right about Windows 8 Kinect integration and he has been right about a couple of other executive changes that I chose not to publish.

Anyway, he is stating that the Windows 8 Beta will be released on Sunday the 26th of February 2012.

He says that this is the internal date floating around at Microsoft and is the target date that the executives are shooting for.

Sunday seems to be a curious time to release a Beta but you could argue that it would be great because you would have a ton of downloads from users at home.

Who knows?

This is a RUMOR – We cannot validate the truth of the story.

We’ll all obviously find out soon enough..

  • Gregory Fenton

    Thanks, I blogged and attributed this rumour to you.

  • Rug Ratz

    I see Windows 8 as a gazelle leaping across the African plains. Beautiful to behold, such grace, speed and style, yet it comes and goes so quietly you’d never know it was around.  People will want to look at it and see it run, yet they won’t jump to get their own copy, IMHO.  I know too many companies who are trying to get situated and upgrade to Windows 7 from Win XP and Windows 8 is just considered pie-in-the-sky.  Whether it will be a boon for laptop computers, remains to be seen.  Tablets are fine, but I don’t see a lot of practical application – just “fun stuff.”  Maybe I don’t know enough, but I think my opinion is pretty general and common place right now.  Unless Microsoft gets really heavy handed and pushes Win 8 down everyone’s throat, I think it will take a year or more to get major use and upgrades, and the private market much more than the business market.

  • Jonny

    People act like Windows 8 is more touch friendly than 7, even though 7 had better windows touch actions that appear to have been removed in windows 8.

    It’s a very crucial usability error, not everyone that uses tablets is a mindless ape that only uses one finger, and windows 8 has proven itself to be less than satisfactory for touch. 

    When 7 is set up just right, I get things done faster and easier, and I find myself really feeling limited with 8, I can’t even play RTS games on my tablet simply because of removed touch actions (and I cant find a way to add them either!!!).

    I think they had some intelligent person sneak in some touch features in windows 7 that has been ignored or not worked on windows 8; this would be typical of a large corporation.

  • Michael Bradley

    IMHO, Windows 8 will be the natural progression of
    Windows…too many uneducated self-styled gurus seem to think there will be
    only one single version of Windows 8, therefore it only works well on a tablet,
    won’t work right on an ultrabook, won’t work right on an older laptop (like my
    2010 CQ-60).  Nothing could be furthur from the truth.of c

    (disclaimer – my employer requires that I disclaim that this post is a professional opinion in my capacity as a customer engineer)..

  • majid

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    • Ytfhu


  • Jjputhoor

    Good News…

  • Evan

    What’s the difference between the developer version and this one coming out? It just gona have more features or something? I wasn’t to enthused about the developer version…turning my desktop into an iPad looking thing… I hope they don’t plan on putting windows 8 on all new desktops I think it’s going to be a failure if they do… Probably give then more sales on older windows because people will want to switch back because windows 8 sucks so bad!