New Windows 8 theme – Windows 8 Skin pack for Windows 7

Deviant Art user “hameddanger” has created a cool Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 users.

This Windows 8 theme pack changes / adds lots of things in Windows 7:

  • Windows theme
  • User picture tile
  • Aero auto-colorization
  • Wallpaper
  • Login screen
  • Boot screen

You can download it using following link:



Remember to create a System Restore point first before installing the skin pack so that you can restore default files and settings in case you face any problem or you don’t like the new look.

  • Michaelblue7

    How do I remove the windows 8 boot screen i unstalled everything else but that soo how do i remove the boot screen?

    • shafaz

      download windows boot updater…. and customize the boot screen