New Windows 8 Video: Beautiful Control Panel Settings

A new leak and a new video.

We are starting to see some shadows of the Metro-esque flourishes that may characterize the next version of Windows (Windows 8 ) and…

We like!

Looks really beautiful with smooth fonts and nice soft blue colors…

Here’s an image AND a video..

  • Billy Moffat

    I suppose Metro is more useful for touch devices but I dislike how there’s no defined border around any of the buttons. It’s just plain text. Sure when active there’s a defined box or on mouseover (which is useless on touch) – but otherwise it seems less logical and more aesthetic. I suppose that is the trend with technology. Still, I’ll wait to see what the finished product looks like before I judge too harshly.

    Also it goes without saying that the horizontal scrolling looks terrible. I’ll assume this is just a pre-alpha issue and the finished product won’t be anything like that resolution-wise?